About Us

When Nathan was a baby, David called him butterball and rolled him around. 

21 years later and still seven years apart, we've gathered different viewpoints of the business, social, dating, and other twentysomething worlds. On Age Gap, we compare notes about wandering, often aimlessly, through these worlds.


David Kallison

David was born nowhere near the tracks in the illustrious year of 1986. He enjoyed seven years of blissful exclusivity before Nathan ruined the party, and he secretly yearns for those days to return. He retaliated by being extremely nice and inclusive in all but video games, where he took every opportunity to pummel the littler bro. At eighteen (and feeling crazy) he traveled 40 blocks north of home to the University of Texas, where he studied sociology and polynesian cooking and gradually gained interest in the wonderful world of college athletics. Today, he is a phenomenal writer whose novel I am eagerly awaiting. Meanwhile, he works with teachers and kids and whatnot. -Nathan


Nathan Kallison

Nathan was born a butterball in the great city of Austin, Texas. He lived in the same house his entire life, which is either cool or sad, depending on how you look at it. As a kid, he was obsessed with sports, any sport, and played baseball, basketball, soccer, cricket, and water polo (some of those might not be true). After being photo editor of his high school newspaper, he moved to Nashville to attend Vanderbilt, which is too fancy and costing too much of our inheritance. He is studying engineering, loves romantic comedies, and likes long walks on the beach. -David